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Get high-quality and modern can be in the car center of the company "AUTO GROUP", toELSE meets all the requirements of the highest in the industry. This is the official dealer of such brands as CHEVROLET, ZAZ, CHERY all in the Odessa region. Here you will offer all services that offer this type of activity salons: the replacement of spare parts, car repair, painting, removal of small problems, and most importantly the service salonLtd. "AUTO GROUP" service system guarantees the quality of service and affordable prices, offering its customers the best of the program.

In his work car center uses modern equipment that allows you to repair any complexity. The room is equipped with the latest software of high-techehnologichnym equipment manufacturers German companies NUSSBAUM and BOSCH. Service Station has 14 positions for car repairs and complex with two drying chambers that are used for coloring and many other different naybolee technological tools that enables qualified to carry out anGoes and prompt service as quickly as possible.

Also dealership Ltd. "AUTO GROUP" offers its customers a specially designated room to relax and have free WI - FI, bank cashier services and children's play area where the kids are happy to spend time, when you do things your car.

Acquired opit who get employees working in this company allows them to find common ground individually with each individually, taking into account the needs of everyone.

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