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to make repairs in the kitchen, ordered furniture for her and for the ideal atmosfery lacks only the dishes? Familiar? And it seems so easy to pick it up, but for some reason, a number of difficulties. After all crockery – this is one of the main parts of the room. And how do you pick it up? At that rely when choosing such things?

Of course, the main thing you notice is the look. In Order Tocolor and fit under the tablecloth, and under furniture and even under the lighting in the kitchen. This aspect is completely clear and obvious, because each hostess wants to turn into art everything that she just does not touch, whether it's just a meal or a place where it is to prepare.

Crockery is different:

  • for cooking (pots and pans);
  • dining room (bowls, plates);
  • for tea (cups, saucers, sugar)
  • and so on. E. &Nbsp;

Without tableware and cutlery in the kitchen in any way, you will not have youeat with your hands and straight from the pan? When selecting dinnerware, tend to look at the price, appearance, usability, sustainability.

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Cookware made of different materials:

  • Of course, in all ages, famous porcelain tableware, and to this day it is no replacement. This is a classic, this cookware is very beautiful, comfortable, safe for health lightweight, durable. In such food is not ashamed to serve food the Queen of England. But the main drawback price. In the kitchen of mAkiho dishes every day will not eat, so every woman keeps a dish for a special occasion;
  • In order to apply for each day, a very good fit glassware. Easy to care, withstands high temperatures, importantly, can be used in the microwave, affordable price, and eco-friendly matrial;
  • For lovers of ethnic style, very suitable – pottery and utensils out of it. Such dishes are not afraid of the temperature, but it is difficult to wash, so as pottery absorbs odors and grease, and in addition it is quite heavy and very fragile. Price for this dish is very democratic. Therefore accessible to all,who wants to join the culture of their ancestors;
  • And for fans of high-tech, the most successful variant is stainless steel cookware. &Nbsp; Such dishes appropriate to look only in the modern kitchen of glass and metal, but its advantages are obvious: practicality, durability, beautiful view. But clean dishes such nuzhbut careful not to damage the surface, and yet it is not very cheap;
  • It is often used today tableware made of glass-ceramic, is a cross between china and glass. Very popular today to use, since such an ideal balance of dishes « money & raquo ;;
  • And finally, on what would have liked to stay on the containers of plastic. Well, then, it should be noted that such dishes today hardly anyone uses at home, in the kitchen, well, except that, going on a picnic, not to break.

In general, the kitchen is often used dishes from different materials, dependingthe mood and need, but choosing the dishes, always follow the main criterion, own taste and healthy, so buying goods requiring a certificate of quality for the products.

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