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Every person in varying degreesno inherent desire for perfection. Each different this ideal: someone is trying to find the perfect job, someone needs a perfect wife (or husband) who is looking for the perfect place to live, etc. But each of us, in one way or another to strive for the ideal appearance, which we ourselves create. It would not be a great discovery of the fact that people with perfect forms in the sense in which it imparts to us the world of fashion, is sufficiently small. This "helps" in the first place, our way of life. Therefore, the factors that keep us away from that ideal which we present ourselves enough.

If you look at this question from the perspective of a man, one of the mostpainful deviations from ideal is alopecia. The problem quite frankly is not new and quite common, and, in different age categories. And if such a state at an older age is perceived basically normal, both from the point of view of the men and the environment, the loss of hair at a younger age - is a huge itemsihologichesky kick, which can lead to severe depression.

However, do not despair, because experts Hamburg clinic « FUE-Hairtransplant Hamburg » possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and excellent material and technical base of the modern level, which aremakes it possible to carry out effective transplant (transplant) hair. On the basis of the clinic is held EYAD main methods:

  • autotransplantation - transplantation own hair follicles patient withdrawn from other areas. Practiced two ways similar transplantation: grafts (micro skin areas with volosyanbubbled bulbs) and point;
  • artificial hair transplantation .

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