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Mankind has gained unique experience in treating with stones. Ivan the TerribleNow, many biologists and physicians are studying the impact of minerals in the human body, using ancient knowledge. In modern science has even appeared a new term lithotherapy - the study of the influence of stones on man. Even ancient Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible was considered a great lover and connoisseur of gemstones. sapphireSapphire was Tsar's favorite stone, which improves his mood and guarding from harm, and by the legend turquoise predicted a quick death of Ivan the Terrible. However, even before Ivan the Terrible, the healing properties of stones were known in ancient Greece and Rome. Theophrastus - disciple and friend of the famous ancient Greek scientist and philosopher Aristotle, in the scientific work "About the stones" systematised accumulated knowledge on the use of minerals in medicine. DioscoridesThe Roman scholar Dioscorides made the description of the known at that time drugs of animal, vegetable and mineral origin, in particular stones - malachite, jade, hematite, amber.

Modern litho therapists may also tell a lot about the properties of gems. Let's stop on some of them.

opalFor example, opal. By coloring distinguish light opal - almost transparent, white; fire - bright yellow with red inclusions and a royal - the stone, the central dark red part of which is surrounded by a bright green border. Opal is a very gentle mineral, its afraid of the heat, dryness, in the hot weather sometimes it needed to put it in the water, otherwise it will die. This stone is a conductor of positive energy, increases life potential of its owner, strengthens the immune system, and vice versa - it holds the negative energy, being a kind of protective "screen".
Jadeite stone impresses with its color variety: it can be white, pink, brown, red, blue, purple, etc. It useful to wear to people with acidity of gastric juice, with a weak nervous system.

topazTopaz - this gem also differs by variety of shades. However, after long stay in the sun it becomes colorless. Only blue topaz do not afraid of the sun. Litho therapists successfully used these stones for the treatment of joint diseases - arthritis, polyarthritis, osteoarthritis, periostitis.

Especially, jasper possesses amazing healing properties! All species of this mineral help with various jasperbleeding, and treat women's diseases. Avicenna advised to wearing this stone on the belly for people with diseases of the stomach. Jasper can ease an attack of renal colic. To do this, the stones should be placed along the lines that connect the kidney with the ureters.
Hematite jasper helps at low levels of hemoglobin. You need to wear it all the time, keeping, of course, an appropriate diet.

malachite Malachite reduces the inflammation of the liver, rhinestone and green fluorite help with pyelonephritis. Leopard jasper is used at chronic inflammation of the gallbladder and bile ducts.

Its appropriate to apply lithotherapy in combination with the main course of treatment - as an auxiliary therapy.
Minerals, stonesMinerals are useful not only upon contact with the human body, they can heal the environment. For example, an ice quartz, malachite, rhinestone refract and absorb radioactive rays. Quartzite reduces particle flows of high-energy, holds X-rays. Such stones are useful to keep in testing laboratories, X-ray rooms, and in nuclear power plants.

Such mineral, as flintstone has a strong disinfectant action. flintstoneObserved that the water source, passing through rocks of the flintstone, have antibacterial and healing properties. If to put this mineral for a few hours in the water, that pathogenic bacteria will not breed in it.

As litho therapists believe, almost all natural stones radiate a beneficial energy. The main thing is to learn to feel and take it!

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