What is a portfolio?


« Portfolio » - a word that is firmly entered our lexicon. &Nbsp; Word of Italian origin and meaning briefcase, but in this case it has a slightly different meaning. Today, the portfolio is not made up only sloths, even some children in kindergarten has its own portfolio. And as for employment, show your portfolio asking many   employers, especially for menher choice of profession associated with the work, designers, architects, model.

So what is it that you need portfolio?

drawing up its portfolio, it should be noted that the   Portfolio - a collection of your work (drawings, pictures, designs, photographs), a list of all the achievements hand the rest of your career, not just all in a row, and the best,   because they   play an important role in evaluating you as a specialist., your professional qualities. See the example:. Recently up its portfolio are not only creative people, as well as teachers, coaches, lawyers, journalists and others. In Headisimosti on the scope of work, we can distinguish these types of portfolio:

  • copywriter, make a portfolio of their best work and texts;
  • photos - of the works in various genres, and photographs, if any, received the   prizescompetitions;
  • simulation of their shots from different angles;
  • teacher - from   excerpt from the master class, reviews   professionals and students, information   of professional awards, titles, etc..;
  • designers - from   the best of his worksin the sphere of its activity: web design, fashion design, outdoor advertising, and much more.

In connection with the development of electronic and digital technology   is gaining popularity as an e-portfolio, it is different from the usual that is created in digital format.

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