Why today need to learn English?


According to the biblical text, a very long time all the people on Semle spoke a common language, but as a result of excessive arrogance and Sway equating to God were punished. As a result, we received such a variety of languages ??and dialects, which is observed in the modern world.

Of course, to learn all the languages ??is not feasible, therefore, to find some generalth point marks, it is necessary to examine the more usual language in this respect in the world. Such is certainly possible to consider the English language, which, albeit informally, in some cases, has become the international language, as well as a major in science politics, education culture, sports, and so on. D.

Know English today is not just a prestigious, but also necessary, because without it, count on some the best place in the sun (in the sense of a career) count difficult. Of course, the key here is just good knowledge of the language, which will allow completely free to decide supplied problem. Unfortunately, despite several yearsin the school walls, in most cases it does not bring the desired result, and therefore, we have to look for ways to further study, improvement or restoration of the knowledge gained. Fortunately, today, when the level of communication reached such heights, searching for materials, methods, and teachers to organize effective and efficientthe process of learning English is not difficult and problems.

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