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In our world, a key position in the global box office take amerikanskie Hollywood blockbusters to suit different tastes and color, as they say. However, in recent years this whole "adult repertoire" wide variety of animated diluted (in this case - animated) tape. There would be worth mentioning kinoserii such as "Cars", "Airplanes", "How to Train Your Dragon" and so on. D. Frankly, allthese cartoons do not have a clear orientation of the child, as perceived equally interesting and adult audience. This whole Hollywood shaft could somehow dilute German animators who created a wonderful children's cartoon "Animals United". By the way, the review of the cartoon can be found here:.

As noted by critics, he multfilLM has its m exceptional style and meaning which is not inherent in American film. With that, the meaning is quite deep and is said to be painful, relevant to the present day - the preservation of nature. The main antagonist in this film, as expected, he stands a man who constantly tries to subdue nature to his will. In this case, peopleand trying to find a more environmentally friendly source of energy, build a dam on the river.

It would seem that everything is fine, no emissions, but this turn of events threatens to destroy the entire habitat of animals in the area. And then, as they say, even the most implacable enemies stayut side by side, developing a whole special operation to protivodeystdition aggressor and prompting his orders on the same construction of the dam.

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