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How much does it cost a dollar today in Ukraine?

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Probably not there today, no one Ukrainian, catory would not ask the question? This question is now concerned about the people, probably no less than war from the east. In fact, the real problem with the course began exactly with the start of actual combat in the Donbas, in the spring of last year. Then jump up to 12-13 hryvnia exchange rate to the dollar was quite shocking circumstances, but who could assump-pose that despite all the declarations of the new leadership of the NBU to stabilize the situation and support the course "green currency" at the end of the year course which was laid by the statements of the state budget has already reached the mark of 16 hryvnia.

But even this colossal figure, which means nothing less falling incomes srednestatiTerrorism Ukrainian doubled against the dollar, was not the limit. The best thing that could come up in the central bank of Ukraine - release rate to float freely and market self-regulation.

And what do we have today? And the fact that the rate of the NBU is at around somewhere 27 hryvnia per dollar, whereas on blackcrowded market it sometimes reaches 35 hryvnia, and this despite the fact that the same NBU banned the sale of currency in the banking network. In such a situation, it is difficult to make any predictions about the future of the national currency, and hence the desire of many of the exchange rate against the dollar.

It is difficult in this respect, trust and ExecuExecutive power that when preparing the budget oriented us on a course of 16 hryvnia, and judging by recent statements he pawned at 20-21 hryvnia per dollar. Sometimes it objective opinion that the NBU has no effect on the situation, and the rate at banks established with the wishes of local cells of the black market.

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