Weapon: Kizlyar knives


From year to year, from century to century, people continuously conducts various military actions, local and large-scale , mezhduubodied and international, against their own kind and against the rest of the living creatures that inhabit our planet. Throughout this long struggle for a place under the sun, constantly developed and improved methods of warfare, as well as weapons with which these same operations were conducted.

It is logicalThat modern weapons do not even utterly superior weaponry while, say, the Middle Ages, both in form and in the breaking force. However, there is one type of weapon, which is successfully used throughout the history of mankind, regardless of whether it was used by the ancient Greeks or modern elite army impersonatedivision. This weapon - nothing else like a knife.

Even today, he has not lost his fighting (melee weapons in the army), cultural (is an integral part of the culture of some peoples, such as the Caucasus), consumer (part of kitchen utensils, faithful friend and helper in hunting, fishing, picnicking and so. n.). Today at the Labor MarketRussia acts to separate it a lot of manufacturers of knives, but only one has a great diversity not only of forms, styles and their products. In this case, meaning the company's products "Kizlyar" or so-called Kizlyar knives:. Knives made by the company have both domestic and suveniernoe purpose. Has been successfully used at homein the kitchen, walking, hunting or fishing, as well as a great gift for lovers of knives.

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