Growing chickens or what incubator?

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From the most ancient times, when cheloveto the first tamed and domesticated wild animal, to continue their cooperation. People to this day in their household needs and in an industrial environment continues to use animals.

One of the most common household and industry are chickens (as, indeed, the rest of the poultry). Their breeding and raising pay much attention, because then chickens actively help a person in his life. Unfortunately, the growing of chickens on a commercial scale adjacent to relatively high levels of quality required and the number of products. To do this, each egg is necessary to ensure equal conditions from inception to vylupletion. Do it without incubators unreal.

- is the camera which creates optimal light and temperature conditions for the proper maturation and artificial breeding chicks of various domestic and farm birds. All incubators can be divided into domestic and industrial.

Homemade Incubator - a relatively compact camera to remove the home, as well as decorative birds. It is used for the incubation of eggs of these birds only in small quantities (usually the size of the incubators can simultaneously grow from three to twenty eggs). < / p>

Incubator industrialfeudal or farm is used as needed significantly increase the number of parties to 200 eggs or more pieces. Typical farm incubator is able to withstand the optimal conditions necessary for the proper and uniform ripening.

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