What is a blast setting


Different metal products, molded or arbitrary shape are used almost everywhere, in the districtazlichnyh industries and production. However, virtually every use of metal products, as well as their primary and post-treatment (e.g., polymer coating, metallized paint coatings) are not without imparting desired surface quality product. If it is, let's say on lathes or milling vieprocessing rows of products, a finishing treatment method is usually grinding. But, when it comes to products foundry production (especially in the method of chill casting), products with obvious surface defects (rust, oxides) can not do without a special treatment that would eliminate all unwanted deposits on noverhnosti.

The most effective in such cases is blasting, where the surface detail is treated beads, metal with decent speed. The result is a vibrating effect and, as a consequence, separation of the ballast from the surface. Leader in the manufacture of equipment forsuch work is an Italian company COGEIM EUROPE. It produces a shot-blasting equipment for different conditions and amounts of processing materials. In particular, for large products used drum blast installation type TA:. For the delivery of the product in the camera and remove it using a metal conveyor belt, hit can also handle sharp-edged items.

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