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Time destroys everything. It would seem that the house is built, perfect wid, using all the latest techniques and materials - the house will stand for centuries. But, it takes several years, and completely loses its appearance. And the thing is that on the facade of the building affected by the environment: emissions of various pollutants, rainfall, temperature difference, the change of seasons, and so on. D. And our elegant building completely loses its external vied. But the facade – it's not just aesthetics, he is responsible for the protection of all construction and durability at home as a whole. What facade — the person of the building and its owner has been known for many, but for the need to take care of your face.

In today's market there are many companies that provide services for buildings. And to the choiceMpano repair the facade must be treated very seriously, because the quality of the work performed depends on the appearance of the building. Facade renovation – This renovated building from the outside. On how the building is destroyed depends on what repairs are minor or major.

Cosmetic facade

If we wantmaintain its facade longer in decent form, then repair should be carried out every 5 years, and it is to find problem areas and upgrade them. Redecorating done in three steps:

  • surface is cleaned of dust and dirt;
  • Restoreavlivayutsya minor injuries;
  • facade primed and re-painted.

Overhaul of the facade

Overhaul consists in the removal of old plaster, which can be completely removed and re-building oblitsevat tiles or obbit siding. Sometimesrequired to insulate the building. In such cases, using special technology first applied to insulate layer (mineral wool or foam), then put a layer of the solution in which utaplivajut reinforcing mesh, and the finish is applied at the end of regular or decorative plaster.

Some buildings need not questionthen repair of the facade and the reconstruction or restoration of the facade. And it requires to take into account some of the nuances. As a rule, require restoration of buildings of historical value, and from the master does not need to change the facade, but rather to restore its original look.

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