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aquamarine gem

Above all, people love aquamarine gem stone, for its sky-blue color. If to trust the folk rumor, aquamarine gives its wearer aquamarine gemcourage, relieves anxiety retains youth and enhances mental ability. Sailors appreciate aquamarine, because according to legends  it prevents sea sickness and guarantees the safety of sea travel. Aquamarine has a beauty and as is considered - healing properties and strength of talisman. aquamarine gemYou can find aquamarines of various shades of blue: pale, almost pure blue, blue-green, saturated sea green and turquoise. Is not surprising that aquamarine is inserted into all kinds of jewelry.

ring with aquamarine1. Determine what type of jewelry you want with aquamarine earrings, necklace, bracelet, brooch, cufflinks or a ring. Are you going to buy this accessory for yourself? If you are preparing a gift for someone else, think about what type of jewelry he or she likes and wears most often.

aquamarine gemstone Polishing2. Decide what shape of  stone faceting you prefer. Aquamarines can be purchased with different faceting, including such forms: emerald, "princess", round and oval. But the most common Polishing aquamarine faceting shape for the emerald and aquamarine is oval. Choose such faceting as your like or taking into account the preference of the person for whom this decoration is intended. Note that a well-faceted aquamarine stone maximally reflects the light. Avoid aquamarinesin which faceting is too deep, too flat, too wide or too narrow.

pendant with aquamarine3. When you limit your preferences with a type of decoration and faceting shapes, examine the available variants. For example, if you have decided that you need a aquamarine suspension with an emerald faceting of stone, then look at several similar exemplars.

ring with aquamarine4. Think about the aquamarine shade which you want. Note that the dark aquamarine sea green are considered the most valuable. Color - one of the two most important factors to consider when buying aquamarine. Second - is the purity of the stone.

ring with aquamarine5. Choose aquamarine of high purity.  Such stones must be sufficiently transparent, ie you can see through them. Transparent aquamarine are the stones of the highest quality. Do not buy aquamarine with internal defects or  inclusions which are visibleaquamarine to the naked eye. In the market there are many aquamarines without inclusions, clean in appearance.

ring with aquamarine6. Make sure that the aquamarine or aquamarines are reliably seated in the frame. Some of the most popular types of backtack for aquamarines are: valve, deaf or spring. Check that the stone sits straight, do not move and do not falter, and that all valves which hold it in place are strong and undamaged.


  • Almost all aquamarines, which can be found on the market today, passed thermal processing, ie were heated to a high temperature in order to strengthen or change their color.
  • When you buy aquamarine, be prepared to to pay from $ 5 up to $ 100 per carat. This is not counting the cost of other stones or precious metals, which are present in the decoration.
  • The most expensive aquamarines come from deposits of Brazil. But aquamarines are mined elsewhere too: Pakistan, Kenya, Russia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zambia and Afghanistan.
  • Aquamarine jewelry should be cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft brush.
  • Aquamarines will be a good gift for a man who was born in March.

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