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Unfortunately, our life and everything around us, sooner or later begins age. As we had not one hundredralis stop it, but, unfortunately, this does not happen. But thanks to modern technology rejuvenation of the face and body can be done through radio lifting. Today it is the safest method of skin rejuvenation. The advantage of this method is that is painless and quick lifting of the skin, wrinkles are destroyed, the skin becomes elastic, inzvraschaetsya almost a young look. This type of lifting is done not only for the face but for the entire body. Is lifting the cheeks and cheekbones, chin pulled sagged destroyed wrinkles around the eyes and bags under the eyes. Since the years collagen fibers are stretched, this reduces the elasticity of the skin and sagging of the face. Etc.oiskhodit radiolifting under the influence of high-frequency electric field (a special mode is selected, which develops the basic cells of the skin). Rejuvenating effect persists for at least 5 years. Each session lasts about 15 minutes, and the treatment depends on the type of aging and wrinkles on your face.

There are several reasons why radioliftingconsidered contraindicated:

  • low blood clotting;
  • pregnancy;
  • epilepsy;
  • renal failure;
  • purulent-inflammatory diseases.

has a very good advantage is that it runs rejuvenation is not due to some substances, and by stimulating the skin's own resources. And this is an example of the fact that it does not cause deterioration over time. That is why radiolifting is the best method to restore the skin.

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