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There are on the globe places that truly can be called a « paradises & raquo ;. These boldlycan be attributed - Kislovodsk. In 1803godu in place Russian military fortress there was this city, and its name   was due to the acidic carbon sources of mineral water « Narzan & raquo ;, which are on its territory.                   &Nbsp;

In the Caucasus gop, in a picturesque and cozy valley located this city. Nature has generously endowed him with all the good things: beautiful nature mild climate, lush vegetation. The mountain slopes are covered with meadows, the same as in the subtropics, the neighborhood of the city are surrounded by numerous orchards, and in the center of the resort of Kislovodsk broken park. The city has itsth a rich history. Within the city, archaeologists find traces of ancient settlements dating from about 5 tis. BC. e., as evidenced by the discovery of more than 800 ancient monuments   architecture.

But the most valuable thing in Kislovodsk, this abundance of mineral water springs « Narzan & raquo ;. Layerin seltzer translated from Adygeyan as drink heroes, alluding to the healing properties of this water. In Tsarist Russia noticed the healing properties of this water, and so many times, many artists and notable citizens just came here to drink some water, and improve their health. With the advent of Soviet power became Kislovodsk-Union National Healthitsey, a third of all health centers in the region Caucasian Mineral Waters is here, and it is more than 20 health centers. All these buildings were built in the 30s of the 20th century, so they are the architectural monuments of Russian architecture.

In our time, the city has not lost its importance and the resort on its territory   withtroyat that meet all quality standards of modern resorts, motels, recreation centers. In 2005, close to the spa park in Rebrova beam, opened its doors to the public 4-star resort "Plaza". Official site of the resort:. &Laquo; Plaza » - A rare example of the unity of the traditional Caucasian hospitality and servicefor European standards. Warm and comfortable transition connects the two seven-storey building, equipped with modern lifts. Vacationers can choose according to his ability and desire, a sleeping room. The rooms have different categories from standard   to deluxe rooms and suites. Vacationers get service at a highmore smooth, effective treatment, nutrition, « Buffet & raquo ;. Also there is a   restaurant, pump room with mineral water and SPA-complex.

resort specializes in the treatment of cardiovascular, nervous and respiratory systems, as well as the musculoskeletal system.
Also, as an extra, providedis Busy treatment of diseases of the stomach, intestines, urological and gynecological diseases.
The whole hospital is equipped with new equipment that allow effective treatment and diagnosis of various diseases. The sanatorium employs highly trained specialists, doctors of narrow specialties. In his free time, vacationers can spend on yourdiscretion either to explore the city, its sights and architecture, or take a walk in the quiet alleys of the park, or visit the   sports complex located in the resort. Who once rested in the sanatorium "Plaza", he took home a lot of pleasant memories and positive. And when the next year there is a question, Koodand go to rest, then do not hesitate to choose the resort « Plaza » and the city of Kislovodsk.

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