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Parquet floor - it's beautiful and stylish, gives your home comfort and completion of completeness. By itself, the parquet -is the material used to make the floor. Parquet require special care: in a dry place it will crack if the room with high humidity, it may swell. The temperature must be 18-24 ° C and a humidity of 45 to 60%.

Stack it should be on the screed to level difference was about 2 cm. By the way, thIf you contact the company interisuet House Parket. It is also necessary to lay waterproofing – it is often used thick polyethylene film or foil. On the edges of the display this waterproofing with a margin for stacking under the plinth.

The following procedure of laying it cut waterproof plywood.The thickness of the plywood should not exceed the thickness of the flooring. Plywood stack is necessary so that the corners did not converge at one point, or rather with a shift. Plywood is attached to the screws. Then overlaid plywood, parquet glue, applied special spatula. The next stage - grinding parquet and plaster.

Grinding necessary for two reasons:

  • The elimination of irregularities that occurred during the technology of masonry;
  • Clean flooring from dirt.

It is also necessary that the color was saturated. The most important stage - is varnished parquet. Apply varnish, it is necessary that the room was not squawznyakov not air-conditioned. The first layer of primer, it is well permeates Pori retains color of the wood. Need to apply 2-3 coats of varnish. Plinth installation takes place at the last moment when laying parquet. It allows you to hide all the irregularities of the floor. The width of the plinth must be in accordance with the height of the door. Skirting fastened with nails, glueor screws. Now parquet flooring ranked first in beauty and quality.

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