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For each generation to wear t-shirts - was and is fashionable, and reliable, and modern . Phewtbolka very popular, as it is worn by all, regardless of age. Nowadays it is very fashionable T-shirts with printing or logo, pattern or any inscription. T-shirt allows you to create an element of corporate identity, it improves the attitude and advertising. In this case, with regard to the collective printing on T-shirts, it makesXia into a strong and friendly team in many activities. By the way, the company produces "MaketPrint".

The advantage of printing is that this procedure is inexpensive compared to other pleasures. These T-shirts are also popular on the occasion of the anniversary of the company or a business meeting presentation partners, VIP clients. FutbOlcay with print is perfect as a birthday gift, a gift looks in this case unusual and beautiful.

The print quality depends on the fabric t-shirts, color. A very impressive and looks nice T-shirt made by a digital thermal transfer, and the inscription and design applied flexor-Flyorova films, esomething more durable method. This eco-friendly film that can withstand up to 500 washes.

The films can be of different types. Apply only graphic image, but not the photo. As for sublimation printing, it is suitable for synthetic and blended fabrics. Silkscreen or as it is calledscreen printing, allows you to make unique pictures on the clothes. At the expense of thermal transfer is the transfer of compression applied to the thermal paper drawing. Very naughty in operation. In general, printing on T-shirts - a very popular service, it may be a personal style, corporate unity or bright advertising course.

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