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In everyday life, a person may at any time require completely different tools from screwdriversTo a pair of pliers, corkscrew, nail files, and so on. D. Of course, none of these tools, and even in such numbers carry will not be - the pockets do not raspihat, and a bag with tools for a not dragged. Nevertheless, upset about it should not be, because there is in the market versatile, so even a tiny keychain, mustachesuccessfully combines several different functions. We are talking about a miniature varieties of Swiss army knives production Victorinox. This is a small folding knife with a length when folded is only 58 mm, which allows you rightly call it a knife keychain. By the way, can be purchased in the specialty store penknives

The company Victorinox, which is a permanent supplier of knives to the Swiss army units, has a vast experience in the production of folding knives with a really wide functionality. And, if mostabout knives company focused on the male audience (professional, consumer, the use of the army), which is expressed in the completeness of the knife various tools, the knives, key chains are made in two categories: male and female.

If we consider the male version, it has a traditional design (red bshackles lining) and a corresponding set of tools (flashlight, ruler, bottle opener, scraper, screwdriver, etc.). Female version also has a more delicate design, including side plates, as well as more "manicure tool kit" (scissors, tweezers, nail file, and so on. N.).

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