Why in Dnepropetrovsk is better to buy an apartment in a new building

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Dnepropetrovsk is one of arupneyshih cities in the country, not only in terms of population, but also for economic, educational, scientific, industrial and sports potential. Quite naturally from these considerations looks constant influx of people from the region and across the country. Well, even more so natural that they will need in their own housing to be Tverdy rear and the opportunity to build accurate and confident for the future. In such circumstances it is not surprising. That the construction industry (in particular with regard to multi-family residential real estate) in Dnepropetrovsk has a stable upward trend, as in the whole country. Despite the availability of sufficient proposals on the secondary market, preimuschestvo still should be given to the apartments, which are contained in the new buildings. This approach has a logical explanation:

- firstly, buying an apartment in a new building in Dnepropetrovsk, you get the confidence that life at home is enough for many years to come (which is not true of most of the existing panels houses, even the beginning of the 90s). By the way, can be found on our site: infoservice.com.ua .;
- secondly, you get the opportunity to buy an apartment with extra space (again in relation to the typical post-Soviet panelniku) and markedly improved layout;
- Thirdly, the use of modern materials and technologies,including energy saving, own independent heating, allow to be independent of waywardness local ZhEKov and generation companies.

In view of the size of the city rather big enough, it makes sense to evaluate the state of the market apartments in new buildings for each of the areas of Dnepropetrovsk. Babushkinskiy arearepresented by a combination of the two elites and Corporate Business class on the street and Komsomolskaya Volodarskogo, respectively. Price per square meter. meters of housing is located in an area of ??32 thousand hryvnia. Zhovtnevyy district is represented by two newly built complex Corporate Business Class (LCD and LCD Panorama Watercolor), the price of apartments in which varies from 12 to 18 thousand UAHper sq.m. There is also a luxury complex of Fame and Festival, the price per sq.m. which reaches to 32-34 thousand UAH. In the industrial area of ??the new building including LCD Manor - a small complex of economy class apartments at the price of 13 thousand USD per sq.m. In the Kirov district housing the new fund is represented mainly by elite class apartmentsand (LCD Home Zhukovsky, Afiteatr LCD, LCD Letual), the price per sq.m. which reach 53 thousand UAH.

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