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Creation of one of the   the most widely published in our withTran foreign writers of the XIX century — Charlotte Bronte, always have all caused great interest, accompanied by her famous works, which yielded multiple translation.

If we talk about the birthplace of the Bronte, it is worth noting a small town Hourt (Yorkshire). It was there, in aeme priest she had the fleeting days of his childhood. When she complied with five years, life has dealt her incredibly big blow — Death   his mother. But if fate wants to truly experience the man, she has taken on him all the troubles and misfortunes whole platoon. Already in eight years, the writer had to say goodbye forevertwo older sisters and take full responsibility for the other four children in the family.

But, as the meaning of life, as noted by Chekhov, but in the fight, the young are not stepped over the powder of hopelessness and despair. On the contrary, she studied hard, and tried in 1824 to become a teacher and founded the school inHourte. But, on this her     climb up the social ladder does not end there. Under the male pseudonym Bell 1864, she released her first novel « Master & raquo ;. But fame has brought her great work « Jane Eyre & raquo ;, which is quite relevant to this day. However, Bronte was still a politicalonservatorom, strong character which is not fully consistent with the fragile physique.

In 1849, the writer pleases readers' souls as its new product « Shirley & raquo ;, after which there is some reason to believe that the author of this masterpiece is exactly Charlotte Bronte. A Bell alias Karrer — only a mask under which so carefully all the while hiding a simple teacher. A novel « Willet » 1853 fully certified its reputation.
March 31, 1855 — the date of death of the famous English writer, a track which was not only for the people of the XIX century, but survived to this day.

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