What is chess and how to play them


The history of chess dates back well before the turn of our era. For the first time the game appeared in India. Since 1924FIDE Chess Federation was founded, under which international competitions. To date, the game has millions of fans around the world, and as a consequence - it is possible in almost any store.

Chess - a board game (on a checkered board for two players). There are many variants of the gamewith different rules, figures and board. The opponent has the same number of figures (one – white and the other – black).

The game is that players alternately make moves. Under the rules, the first to go white. The game uses the following figures: the king, queen, pawn, bishop, knightand the rook. Each of them has its own peculiarities of movement on the playing field. For example, the pawn moves forward only, Elephant – diagonally, horse – letter “ T & rdquo ;, and queen – in a free manner. In addition to these courses are also two special combination of:

  1. Castling – positionie, when the king and the rook of the same color, not moving, changing their position. When castling, the king is approaching 2 cells to the boat, and she, at the same time will take a position adjacent to the king, the initial symmetrical;
  2. passant – position when a pawn makes a move two squares through broken field locatedsheesya a pawn of the opponent. In this case, the pawn will be a bit field, and broken pawn is removed from the board.

The result of the game is brought victory of one side, which is fixed by one of the following:

  • "Mat" – position, in which the king has no chance of saving xod;
  • "Pat" – the position at which each of the players can not put “ mat & rdquo ;.

Scoring occurs in the number of parties. Correction of errors occurs if during the game have been found, for example, incorrect placement of the board, placement of figuresor make a wrong moves. Chess - a game that makes the order in philosophical thought and creates a state within a person.

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