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Today, very popular are social networks where people can not only communicate, but also yesrit paid different emoticons and gifts for your family and friends. In the "Classmates", as the currency is used, such as currencies is "OK". Very many are wondering how to get these "OK".

There are many sites where it is told what to do to get a free "OK". But the dele, they can not be obtained free of charge, but only when you pay with real money. Other ways of updating the "social" currency does not exist.

In order to need to update your account. To replenish its own account in the "Classmates" must be pressed to the picture select "Add" or by going to the "Applications" or "Games" nazhamb on the "Add" or send a text message. To send SMS messages you must enter your phone number. After entering the number on the phone comes a confirmation text message with a verification code, which consists of three digits. It's easy and affordable way to deposit in the "classmates". The mobile phone will need to popolnit previously.

As an option you can use to pay for plastic credit cards. This payment option is more secure. Payment can be made using cash purses on the Internet. As well as using cash terminals, but will be charged a small fee. Do not trust the fraudsters, kotorye offer to receive a cash currency in the "Classmates" free. Do not write and do not give your password.

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