Endosurgery in a Moscow clinic CELT

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Modern medicine, despite the presence and active use of traditsionnyh treatment techniques and operational troubleshooting organism, increasingly, in its planned operational activities goes on minimally invasive surgery techniques. This is a whole range of techniques and methods of operation in which the method is used mikrorassecheny and video-surgery process. This reduces hONU dissection, and thus the term, and the complexity of recovery and rehabilitation.

One of the most popular methods of this type is endoscopic surgery or Endosurgery. The entire operation is carried out by a special type of manual tools endoscope, which in addition to cutting remote TOOLSNTA, is equipped with a video camera and still, allowing to observe what is happening on the screen. The uniqueness of this method is that the introduction of the tool does not require extensive dissection of tissues - made a small incision (2 cm) or using natural orifices of the body.

Rich experience in beneathbnyh manipulation has (CELT). Here the best conditions for a comprehensive diagnosis and quality execution of operational work. In addition to endoscopic surgery, CELT actively using another pretty revolutionary method of treatment - lithotripsy. This is nothing like ultrasound or electromagnetic destruction of tumorsin the body. This technique is widely used in the treatment of urolithiasis (so-called kidney stones).

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