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Most advertisers have no idea that their advertising WMSis to be much more productive than they originally offered to advertising agencies.

Large amounts only go out to develop the project, send it to print, distribute. But there is always more effective way to invest in large-format printing reklamu- it.

Agayntstvo « Gravity » offers you the best production of bulk ads and placing them throughout your city.

Large format printing is a form of outdoor advertising, oriented to be placed on billboards, malls, shop windows, etc.

Why should you choose to print from the agency « Gravity »?

Our company guarantees the best possible image quality for your advertising, because we use only the new highly technical equipment that our company has proved as competitive in the market of outdoor advertising.

Benefits used by our company for large-format printing materials:

  • the ability to create large images;
  • long service life;
  • an easy way of mounting / dismounting.

Large format printing in Krasnodar - was, is and will be the engine of advertising production.

Here are just advertising should not shock their archaic and ignorant preparation and in this we can help you.

In the list of our services include:

  • -help in the design layout, taking into account all of your conditions, as well as rental of billboards.
  • Delivering on Krasnodar and Krasnodar region
  • -PRINTING vinyl cloth (banners) and self-adhesive film, banner mesh, and print on paper skrollernoy.

How to correctbut to pick up the print media?

Large print is produced mainly in four formal media:

  • -bumazhnye, with a lifetime of 1-3 months
  • -vinilovye tissue (banners), the more hardy in its properties
  • -samokleyuschayasya film
  • -stroitive mesh covering the facades of buildings during construction

If you are uncertain about which specific material to use for your advertising, offer contact our advisors, they tell in detail about the product, taking into account your preferences.

Large formatI print – this is not the destiny of the elite, and quite affordable fun, if you want to gain popularity or to draw attention to your product.   On our site you can find large-format printing, securing a solid reputation. We are waiting for your orders on our site!

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