Cerebral Palsy (CP) and its treatment

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According to world statistics today cerebral palsy is one of the first places among the detskih chronic diseases, about 1,7-7 1,000 healthy, depending on the country, the figure fluctuates. It is noteworthy that this figure is very high in developed countries particularly France. Several studies have shown that an increase in the number of patients affected not only bad environment, but also progress in perinatal medicine. &Nbsp; Successful nursing preterm infants increases the risk factor for cerebral palsy.

Cerebral Palsy - a group of chronic disorders musculoskeletal system, as a rule, this is a consequence of injury or brain abnormalities. As you can see, in the 30s of the 19th century, the surgeon John Little, first took up such violationss. It was he who said that the birth trauma can cause nervous system and, as a consequence, paralysis.

The treatment of this disease lasts for life, and requires a certain system to maintain and restore lost functions. To do this, there are specialized, such as center-clinic MelnikovaEA Latest techniques and authoring treatment and, more importantly, early diagnosis, this disease allows for resuscitation specific motor skills for children. Basic principles of therapy used in the center: early diagnosis, phased treatment, all treatment is carried out in a complex and continuously. &Nbsp; The clinic experienced spetsialists, highly vrachi- neurologists necessary treatment (massage, fizprotsedury, exercise therapy, speech therapy session with a psychologist).   All treatment is carried out on the basis of a new medical technology author Melnikova Elena A. (doctor – neurologist). Over 10 years, there has been positive    &Nbsp; treatment not only cerebral palsy, and the consequences and treatment of stroke or     traumatic brain injury.

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