What are the water rides


The sea, summer and sun pushes itself to the idea of ??vacation, with aktive and water. The best option in this regard are water rides, and then the rest all failed. Water rides are very popular and very convenient for the organization of outdoor activities. . Today it is a very popular pastime. In the 17-18 centuries in the territory of the Russian Empire were water rides, the development of which pukovodil Russian engineer Andrew Nartova.

Today, there is a very large variety of attractions. Among the most popular ones are listed airbeds, boats, swimming pools, trampolines and bananas. But most famously pastime on the water are water slides and water parks. Water attraction neverwill be out of work, especially if it is in the indoor room with its own climate control system. This attraction is a water bowl, suitable for one person and for two, this ball is very large in size, was placed in it, you have called on the water and dry at the same time.

Water trampoline is very popularulyarny, on an island surrounded by water nice jump and swim at the same time. Inflatable boats are used in swimming pools and open water, they are very easy to install and assemble. Inflatable water seesaw practical on the water, the river basin. Catapults are very fond of children, it is possible to descend into the water or fly from a catapult. Pyramid - waterny floating attraction in the form of a hexagonal pyramid to descend the hill. Water banana - one of the most popular forms of recreation. He is a balloon in the shape of a banana, moving at high speed through the water.

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