The history of the development of submarine


It is human nature constantly self-development and to reach new heights, or gLubin in his knowledge of the world. It is not surprising that among the main aspirations of man, except cherished desire to soar into the sky and soar on the wings of a person more than once tried to look into the water depth.

Both of these areas are being actively developed over the centuries, but a truly revolutionary impetus received only in the twentieth century. And if the airtion has successfully developed, in both the civilian and military sector, the development of underwater technology in the majority of cases it is associated with the combat segment, with a small proportion of scientific attention and rescue projects.

In terms of military tactics or strategy, the use of independentcombat unit capable of moving under water, is ideal for covert sudden application of targeted killings and the same hidden waste in a designated position. This is understandable for modern strategists and clearly it was clear to the older generals (the first prototype tank for underwater use with a view toconducting intelligence operations, dates from the time of Alexander the Great). The principal difference between the ancient to modern submarines, there was only the main purpose of:

  • modern submarine - is an independent combat unit, which has its own crew and the necessary equipment and weapons, to conductNotices reconnaissance and combat operations. By the way modernity can be found at:;
  • boats or tanks underwater use until the nineteenth century, were actually used for intelligence gathering and covert transfer of troops.

Successful projects XVII-XIX tableety, including the need to remember Drebbel, Bushnell, Fulton, Drzewiecki, Neptune had no stationary weapons and used in research and transport purposes. The first "armed" prototypes of the late XIX century (boat Nordenfelt, Peral, boat Holland), used on board the mine guns. The widespread use of combat submarines in the fleetx different countries coincides with the beginning of the twentieth century, and more specifically with the First World War. Even greater impetus given following World War II, in which the battle took place not only on the ground and in the air, but also under water, and the then diesel submarines of Germany and the Soviet Union, became essentially autonomous combat units suitable for use in any water pointke the world. Submarines of the XXI century is used in its construction and installation of nuclear weapons, so they often have the status of strategic combat ships.

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