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Technology LSTC born in the 50's of last century in the United States,Canada, Britain and other countries around the world. At the present stage, this technology is very popular in the market frame construction. By the way, the construction of buildings with the use of   can be ordered from "AAA EvroAngar".

Prefab Building Prefabricated very expensive and relatively. When constructing takogof the building does not need to build a strong foundation, as the material is very light and the house is a more lightweight than the construction of buildings using other materials. All materials in the construction of a frame house use the most efficient and modern, which perform the function of protecting the premises from the effects of various destructive factors. Such hDenmark will be robust and reliable, since the frame consists of a metal which will withstand a greater load, and is not exposed to moisture and a plastic material. With the help of the frame can solve a large number of architectural issues. During the construction with the help of technology LSTC not use liquid material, which eliminates the design of WHOsible problems with damp and mold.

One of the main advantages of technology LSTC is the speed of creating the project. The speed of the assembly is very high due to the lightweight materials made of steel, which has unique properties of strength. In the walls of the building main frame embedded steel supports and overlapment that are not easily flammable materials. Such structures are not afraid of no sun, no moisture. From an environmental perspective, this method of construction has been ranked as the garbage and waste very little.

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