The evil spirit Keli

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Throughout its history the man is in constant contact with nature. Naturally, the amount of these direct contacts decreasesAs the level of human development. Whatever it was, there is always a certain part of the world order that defies logical explanation from the point of view of science. This is the part of the universe, which is always perceived as a part of higher external forces responsible for the creation of the world and of man himself. In a society that part of understandingAnia world from the point of view of a man called religion. Religion throughout human history is inseparably accompanied him and uniquely evolved with them from primitive cults animicheskih polytheistic pantheon, to the monotheistic religions of modern times (Christianity, Islam). Despite the fairly high level of developmentI'm a modern society and the absolute spread monotheistic religions in remote and inaccessible areas are still many nations and nationalities observe beliefs of their ancestors.

The Chukchi

One of these peoples are the Chukchi and Chukotka, which are scattered colossuslnym territories extreme north-east Russia. This is a fairly small people (according to the latest estimates their number does not exceed 16,000), which in ancient times was used to life in the harsh conditions of the Far North. In the harsh Arctic climate, the virtual absence of civilization (in the sense in which it is used to evaluate Weddnestatistichesky city dweller middle latitudes). In such circumstances, is quite difficult to count all the blessings of civilization, including traditional religious cults rest of the world. In their religion Chukchi since ancient times reflect the difficult conditions in which they live. In its religious nature Chukchi are animisTami, that is, were proclaimed divine all animate and inanimate objects that surround them.

The evil demon Kel

Of course, this animistic pantheon has a place as good spirits (forces of nature) and an evil, one of which is. From the point of view of the Chukchi, Kehl - an evil demon, analoguefeature (in the worldview of Christians). In fact Kel - three classes of evil spirits:

  • actually, the evil spirits, who, like demons, hovering invisibly in search of innocent souls;
  • cannibals - whether spirits, whether real people living in the remote shores and trades cannibalism.Considered eternal enemies Chukchi;
  • Shamanism spirits - the spirits of nature, which are used in their practices Chukchi shamans, calling for the need.

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