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The life of modern man is much more diverse than its predecessors, even on the tables small, in terms of the evolution of the time interval as fifty years. It seems that, from the point of view of world history — this miserable time, but considering, for example, the dynamics of the modern world - it's pretty huge, the term for which may be replaced by a generation, lifestyle and values. Here for example, with which we associate the year 1967. AboutBy analogy, one will start to look for some birth dates, important events in his personal life, and so on. n. However, this year has given mankind rather serious event and the beginning, each of which will be reflected in the lives of almost everyone. For example, for revolutionaries all over the world this year will be remembered that Che was killed Gevara, for music lovers, this year brought the idol of millions of rock pioneer Kurt Cobain, he motorists roads that began construction of the legendary AvtoVAZ in Togliatti, and the consequent era "Lada", well for the fair sex, he is particularly dear to the fact that is the year of the foundation of the world famous cosmetic compAANII Oriflame.

The company Oriflame

The company, which nearly fifty years ago, founded by brothers Jochnick, began with the release of a small line of cosmetic products for skin care. Today, it is one of the world's largest cosmetic corporations in the world, with an annual Equifrom $ 2 billion. Its production located in five countries, and works on them for more than seven thousand people. The company Oriflame - is more than a thousand copies (items) of various cosmetic products, updated annually, almost half. But the main highlight of the company is, perhaps, not so much the product itself, MSElko system implementation, which allows you to make this even to the buyer. Oriflame is one of the earliest and biggest companies in the world that sell their products, so-called direct method. Despite the somewhat veiled name, this type of sales is quite famous in the world - it was referred toquire a network marketing.

Direct Sales

The essence of the method of direct selling is that the sales of the products does not take place in the traditional way, through a trading network, and directly through the implementer (manager, partner, consultant) to the buyer. Despite the rather ambiguous relationsof our fellow citizens to the implementation of this scheme, it has been successful, in addition, large corporations that use it are just, cosmetic companies (Avon, Amway, Herbalife, Mary Kay, etc.). For the same Oriflame, the market in Russia and Ukraine is a major priority and, in terms of sales volume. Of its mainSobienie is that any new client company, the buyer, may become a full partner and realizotorom. Buying Oriflame products, you can "recruit" new customers, and they in turn still new. So built a clear chain of logic in which the buyer can feel more free, due to tooe its adherents, is receiving peredelёnnye premium). Each consultant Oriflame should, in fact, doing publicity of their activities, and to add to this process more efficient possible using network technologies, including the Internet. By the way, what are you can find on the site: Internet - is one of the mostits effective means of disseminating information and its search for new sources. And today it is an excellent tool in the construction business including network and how, in turn, is a business with Oriflame.

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