MegaFon tablet V9 + history of the emergence of the device


Very often, latelyI am traveling to the cities and countries we are seeing more and more people who are holding the amazing thin devices and use them each in their own way. Some people are looking for exotic and historical places to explore, other, waiting for friends, « sitting in social networks » photos and reviews, and some just play. This devicegained immense popularity in our time, and is called – TABLET.

The story of the tablet

For the first time talking about the tablet in the 50-ies famous when Tom Dimond introduced the first device Styalator for handwriting. Later in the 60th Tide were first adaptations RAND Tablet, more similar to modern plates, but only use them for study. In 90 years the company has developed Pencept computer, which can be controlled by touching the hands or was a special pen to the screen. It is from the 90s begins production of the first tablet GriDPad with subsequent improvement. Who in the world market, there is the setTVO companies producing a variety of tablets on design, performance, color. So what do you choose?

The tablet MegaFon V9

Many people choose the tablet only for its visual perception, is not interested in their specifications. This is not entirely correct. Tablet thatfirst I want to offer you, the market appeared relatively recently, but with different characteristics. We are talking about the tablet MegaFon V9, weighing just 389g and dimensions -192h110h12,6 mm. Processor Snapdragon MSM8255, 1 GHz, with the operating system Android Gingerbread (2.3.5), with 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of internal memory. ScreenTablet - 7-inch TFT with an extension of 1024x600 px. Has available 2 Basic Camera (3MP) and front (VGA). Implemented support for   I Bluetooth Wi-Fi, as well as in the presence there   1 USB port for connecting external devices. There is a very interesting network support 3G, GPRS, EDGE, built     3-G modem and GPS.

decide which tablet to buy only to you, the main thing that you get from buying a lot of positives, can use it for its intended purpose, good luck!

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