What is a kangaroo, a backpack or sling?


Life in the modern world has become much more dynamic andunpredictable. This makes even the newly mothers often lead quite an active lifestyle. Naturally, the desire to catch everywhere does not mean that the mother is released from their duties for child care. The only problem that can stop a woman from active movements - is the need to constantly eames to keep the child in her arms. Little baby physiologically able to keep his head, sit or stand. Therefore it is necessary, or keep the kids constantly on hand (which is generally not an option), or the use of special devices, hands-free mother, but at the same time supporting the child in the correct position.

In this device is widely used kangaroo or backpack. In fact his actions Sling is designed to pull the baby close to her mother and to fix it in such a way as to ensure an anatomically correct positioning of all the organs and joints, their proper development. This is especially true of the spine, notproper development which can lead to a rather unfortunate consequences in the future.

Depending on the design and cut, the sling can provide three-position child: sitting face to his mother, sitting with his back to the mother and lateral recumbency.

Using a sling allows hiking, do not useyn bulky stroller, which, at times, considerably complicate the movement of the relatively long distances (eg public transport), allows kids to see and feel yourself comfortable near her mother.

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