What is the chimney?

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Anyone who seeks to create comfortable conditions for themselves. In general, the concept of comfort quite multifaceted and kachannels on each particular case, can have different applications. If, for example, consider certain climatic conditions such as winter, the comfort can be considered to heat the house. Heat, in turn, is ensured by the energy transferred to the coolant in the heating system at home, which is released during combustion energy of fuel (gas, Coal, wood, etc.). Amount of this energy will also depend on how well organized the combustion process and how accurately complied with all rules and regulations. If you recall one of the laws of thermodynamics, it states that energy does not arise out of nowhere and does not disappear into nowhere.

Accordingly, esland we obtain the energy in the combustion process, we get and the residual products of combustion or flue gases. This toxic gaseous mixture which is necessary to remove and dissipate in a certain area, reducing to an acceptable concentration of harmful particles in the air.

For this purpose, any fuel burningthe device is equipped with a flue system or simply chimney. By the way, please visit the company « Modern chimneys & raquo ;: dumari.com.ua.

Chimney - a vertical channel of circular or rectangular cross-section, at the beginning of its associated with the flue of the boiler, and inend - the atmosphere. The principle of operation is based on any of the chimney effect of atmospheric traction or pressure difference of the medium in the upper and lower points of the pipe. Accordingly, the chimney plays a key role in ensuring the natural flow of air into the combustion chamber of the boiler.

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