Tea and tea strainer


The phrase « strainer infuser tea » Callsyvaet people have different associations. Some are immediately Ellochka – cannibal of the famous works of Ilf and Petrov and its famous « Gloss » at the sight of this subject. Sieve was so precious that she did not hesitate to give much-needed Ostap Bender him a chair. But not all – it is so bright kartinki, often an association with tea.

Tea – so popular these days that even and especially to represent it makes no sense. Essentially any drink which can be prepared by brewing tea can be called. Tea - a drink is very ancient. And the first memories of him were   in 2737 BC.e. Chinese Emperor Shennong collected herbs and pot of boiling water, tea leaves accidentally fell. This broth seemed Emperor delicious and invigorating and won his heart forever.

strainer infuser tea

Today, tea is grown in many countries and proce-Dr. Tea Party has become the whole ceremony with their national traditions. But it's hard to imagine compliance tea traditions in the 21st century speed at lunchtime in some office when you have only about 30 minutes. And here comes to the aid of such an accessory for tea like. You can, of course, use the bag, but then there is no guarantee that youdo drink tea quality. For   connoisseurs of good brewed tea, completely transparent, according to their tastes, with a minimum consumption of tea, there are strainer for tea. Still use a strainer to   small tea particles do not fall into the cup. Modern industry give your attention to the strainerevery taste - with a pen and without, porcelain, metal, bamboo and clay.

Someone once said that drinking tea - this is the philosophy and everyone chooses for themselves, someone   tea invigorates, someone relaxes, and someone just drinking for the company. Everything depends on the person, on his development and culture, so enjoy your tea.

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