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A company from South Korea "Narint Trading" is a direct supplier of machines, axessuarov and spare parts wholesale and retail from the manufacturer the most famous companies in Korea. The main direction of the company is the sale of Korean cars, spare parts, accessories and tyunning directly from the factory without intermediaries. You can book any car (new or used / in), aerial platforms, hoists, vacuum trucks, concrete pumps, kranomanipulyatornye installation, consumables, transmissions, generators, trucks, buckets, various accessories. Diverse group of products from well-known Korean manufacturers, and at a bargain price. Also engaged in supplying various specialized equipment.

Company "" has expanded its capacity. She offers to customersPossibility to order a variety of other goods of various categories of clothing, food, cosmetics, household appliances, building materials and many other types of goods. The company maintains a strong relationship with many manufacturers Korea, ensuring quality products and stability, favorable conditions for wholesale buyers. With SCzhdym day we are working on expanding and improving the range of products at competitive prices and the best quality of delivery in the shortest possible time.

The company "Narint Trading" Submit Order in a timely manner to many countries. Delivery is carried out such types of delivery: sea, rail and air. The company's specialists nomogut sort out any issue and will take care of full and timely execution of all kinds of demands and desires.

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