The role of the holidays in a woman's life


In our troubled and full of constant bustle of the world, man, etc.ihoditsya constantly experience stress and anxiety on a daily basis to carry out a lot of action that is very tiring and gradually deplete the body. This means that the used up its vital resources that need restoration. Spent, both physical and psychological resources that can not be restored only by soOn the instrument, like a dream. This requires, above all, emotional vacation, change the situation. emotional and psychological background, relaxation, distraction from thoughts at the household level. In practice, this can be realized by means of celebrations, which give a new, radically positive emotions. Each person in your lifehave their own reason to celebrate, personal (own birthday) and collective (New Year, Christmas, Independence Day, professional holidays and so on. d.). This tool will improve mood and self-esteem is very important for women:

  • First, because the woman - this is a very delicate, refined and vulnerableI am by nature;
  • Second, because its delicate and fragile shoulders rests the whole work to maintain comfort and warmth of home - a class that takes unthinkable much time and effort, but that is completely invisible to most people;
  • Third, becausewoman still feels the echoes of the past sexual inequality and blatant disregard for the role of women in contemporary society. She needed an outlet, understanding that it is important and necessary that revolves around the whole world and all the men fall at her feet, at least once a year.

March 8

March 8 - one of the small steps towards giving women equal rights in society on a level with men. In fact, this festival reflects the attitude of men towards women, the possibility of the rise of women, setting it on its kind of pedestal. Naturally, this is reflected in those gifts, which adoptedon this occasion to give, in that special atmosphere that every man must create his beloved woman at least once a year. A gift for March 8, should reflect the desire beautiful halves, her expectations, preferences and dreams. But this does not mean that a man should give some flowers, candy, etc. He is free in its sole discretionchoose a gift that, in his opinion, is worthy of his beloved wife, mother, sister, daughter.

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