American drama "Chasing Mavericks"

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Man is probably the most advanced beingsth of those known to him and present on our planet and known to science. In fact, precisely because people structuring information and evaluates what is happening with their point of view. But still, people just like any other kind, has basic instincts, subject to certain laws of nature is obliged to perform certains actions. What makes it different from the animals? The fact that a man puts all his actions from a purely practical level in the creative. You can freely say that any human action - a kind of art, whether it's intimacy, cooking, leisure, etc. Hobby and he, too, may be different, totally different, havisyaschim on the preferences, nature and human habitats. Someone who likes to draw someone to bake pies, and someone finds it quite extreme, dangerous for health and life leisure. This desire to conquer the forces of nature, the test itself is shown in the film "Chasing Mavericks":. It tells the story of two Californiayskih surfers - Frosty Hasson and Jay Moriarty (by the way, a real person) - that seek to conquer the legendary local giant waves - Maverick. Hasson, the plot is a local celebrity, once already accomplished the conquest of this wave, and Moriarty young - only 15 years young, but promising, enthusiast, only dream ofconquest cherished waves. Develops a kind of symbiosis, harmonious cooperation of an experienced mentor and the young debutant, which results in Moriarty, ultimately, to the cherished dream. One of the parallel interests of the young surfer is free dive, which led to a dramatic climax - Jay (as cine and real)was killed when the next dive.

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