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Memory - This is a fairly complicated thing that sometimes xhurt memories of such events, things, people who never remember better or vice versa - to know to prevent this in the future. Mysterious, is not it? Is not it great to zatravochka horror movie? But by the way, this story has already been beaten in 2009 in horror films "Do not forget me," or, as it is called, "Do notzabudka "(" Forget Me Not "). By the way, the review of the film can be read on the website:. In fact, in this way, and begins the film in the title scene, we see a small, traveling to his home through a cemetery, a girl who on questioning parents answers simply, "I do not remember." Further action is transferred for a few years (and possibly desyatilement) forward and the protagonist becomes a very successful student of Sandy Channing. One day, she and her friends came to the party to a Friend Tee Jay, which blends in with the game "ghost", the effect of which, naturally, is on the same cemetery. During the game, they are joined by a new girl who asks Sandy, rememberie whether it is her, then jumping off a cliff. Her quest fail, but are beginning chreda strange and terrible events, which resulted in one after the other disappear and killed her friends, when faced with a demonic creature named Angela. Untangling the thread on this mystery, friends, still alive, to know the name of the girl and that offor a long time in a coma in a remote monastery. Maybe its just forgotten, as well as begin to forget themselves?

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