Diary - an indispensable tool business person


The man, from the point of view of physiology, man isbe the most advanced creature on the planet. Special structural feature which distinguishes man as being highly, is the presence of memory. Memory is deeply structured concept and stores all information received from various sources, using different systems of touch throughout life. Naturally, such ogRomney amount of information can not always "keep in mind", so in the human psyche are utilized special storage mechanisms that share memory for a long-term and short-term. The first is a collection of all of life's memories stored deep in the subconscious, and can "get out" when a certain Mr.avodyaschego factor (for example, looking at the photo, I remember everything related to the time of the event). In contrast, short-term memory is a kind of clipboard that contains the current, up to date information. Simply put, the information is still available a certain period of time, after which una retracts into the subconscious of the deposit (easier gOVOR man podzabyvat these events against the background of new information received). On this basis, a person need tools that would help to organize communication with the subconscious memory, remind you of certain actions. This is especially important in any professional activity, especially in leadership positions, where nrihoditsya handle large volumes of information and intelligently schedule the time. On this depends the smooth functioning of the organization and production or other work process, and hence the stability of money circulation. In contrast, the lack of planning threatens the loss of time and money, respectively. In the life of any purposeful,young, active and successful person time management plays a critical role, as one of its key points is undoubtedly a diary. By the way, you can see examples of diaries. Yes, you are not heard -   it is a paper diary, which allows you to structure and plan information, events, and so on. n., Vo icescribes all the necessary information. It will look pretty strange against the background of the spread of modern digital gadgets such as tablets, smartphones, etc., but it is a paper notebook book is a traditional, timeless, but rather a status element of style any business person.

Today, EverydayVNIKI are not only a means of time management, but also one of the most effective elements of corporate identity of any company, a perfect souvenir and an assistant in the affairs.

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