What is a smart plasticine


If every modern adult mentally come back twenty years - Twenty-five years ago (in particular, inzmm, for example your humble servant of the author), it becomes obvious that the holding of children's leisure was in no way connected with the world of computer technology and all sorts of gadgets. Leisure child was more active and creative, in particular childhood author of this article took place, in fact, in the world of plasticine. This plastic material allowed to sculpt everything in a head will climb, to create their own toys and game worlds, develop imagination, creativity, fine motor skills of hands. It is also used in modern high-tech world filled, smartphones, tablets, laptops and so on. D., And so on. N. It should be noted that in addition to traditional layersfor special distribution (mainly in adults) received the so-called smart clay or Silly Putty. In its form and structure, smart or clay, as it is called in English-speaking environment - hengdam - a plastic toy, a substance based on silicon organic polymer. For the first time, saw hengdam world in 1943,as a result of research in the field of rubber, in particular, rubber materials. The name of the product was due to external similarities with chewing gum. In this case, it is absolutely non-toxic, does not have an odor or taste, does not stick to your hands and does not attract dust, as an ordinary clay or chewing gum. It's suitable for developedNotices fine motor skills, handwriting, strengthen muscles, improve the overall mental and physical background.

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