The most popular flavors of Thierry Mugler

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The world of fashion is quite contradictory and changing constantly sinceozhdaya new stars, new styles and trends, new forms and meanings. However, in all this creative chaos will certainly have a place for these meters - fashion designers, designers, perfumers, developed his own inimitable style that is recognized even if the common mode of stylistic changes. This, if I may say so - the soul brENDA, which is present in all its products. This exclusive style is typical, for example, clothes Escada, underwear Calvin Clein, perfumery. Last Comrade, I must say, before to do perfume business made himself quite an impressive reputation in fashion design, reaching the highest level of Haute Couture. With reference toThierry Mugler cosmetics there is even a similar term Haute Parfumerie, indicating perfumes high, elite level. The whole thing, for sure, in the approach to work, who attended Monsieur Mugler, to the soul, which he invested and continues to invest in its creation, that create extremely fantastic world, in many innovativem and incredibly emotional. All this is without a doubt that you can feel with the first notes of flavors Thierry Mugler.

The most popular fragrances brand Thierry Mugler:

  • Angel - the first and most popular of flavors. The embodiment of all the best qualities of children PLAYInanna. This fragrance is innovative in many ways, starting with design and ending with a bottle of perfume composition, in which there are no floral notes;
  • Alien - extraterrestrial striking combination of wood, amber, sunshine and flowers;
  • A * Men - Dropitelno perfect expression of personal style male Thierry Mugler;
  • Mugler Cologne - a fragrance for those who are not very trusting refers to perfume a whole.


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