Tresor Midnight Rose fragrance from Lanc?me

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Every woman probably genetically Progrgrammed in the pursuit of beauty. Creating a stunning, albeit sometimes ordinary way - is part of the essence of the woman, her nature the desire to conquer and keep the feet of her man. This woman is one of the first assistants - the right scent that only reinforced the natural appeal and the scent of a woman. In this regard, Bolshogo success achieved cosmetic company Lanc ô me, founded in the 30s of the last century. This is one of the few brands that start with the production of perfumes and cosmetics, and is continuing its tradition so far, without wasting time on other areas of fashion. Over the years, the popularity of the brand brought, as, indeed, do the flavors and Sunemirno celebrities (actresses, top models), who were involved in the advertising campaign (Mena Suvari, Uma Thurman, Anne Hathaway, Isabella Rossellini, Daria Werbowy and others). One of the most popular and memorable flavors Lanc ô me is. This fragrance is as it were the reincarnation of the classic fragrance Tresor, but more mysterious, hwhether filled with a certain degree of self-indulgence, frivolity. He is intriguing from the first notes and impresses with its extraordinary sensuality, embodying in flavor modern view of sexy woman. This fragrance is especially popular with young girls, which is quite diverse and skillfully use their advantages. The aroma consists of NESCOlkih floral and woody notes, starting with notes of raspberry, rose, jasmine, gradually moving to the musky vanilla chords.


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