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mathematical disciplines such as discretetion analysis, higher mathematics, statistics, mathematical physics, probability theory, and others, in one way or another uses the majority of the adult population engaged in various scientific and engineering work. However, the pinnacle of mathematics, opening their eyes to the world order and its fundamental laws. Its basis, thus the cornerstone foramnem, on which all other theories and scientific achievements, is an elementary math, calculus, algebra, geometry, and other sub-discipline, which are studied at the level of secondary schools. Incorporated during schooling knowledge, should be sufficient basis for future professional activity, indetive of whether you are a shop, a doctor or operator of nuclear power plants. Unfortunately, the curriculum of mathematics, despite its core status, not everyone is susceptible to learn, according to various objective and subjective reasons. In this case, great help and magic wand can be set annually homework orthe so-called. This is actually a collection of tasks, which contains a complete, comprehensive answers to all the questions necessary explanations and methods for the task. Such a popular publication may be equally useful absolutely different categories involved in the educational process, and people. On the one hand, this is a great way to keep up with those whodue to subjective reasons does not want to or can not master all the material. On the other - a great way to expand your horizons, to find new ways of solving the problem.

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