Ukraine: Dovbush rocks.


Dovbush rocks

Oleksa DovbushAmazingly beautiful Dovbush rocks are located at the Ivano-Frankivsk region, Ukraine . This group of rocky outcrops stands proudly near the city Bolekhiv - their height is 80 meters. In their time, the rocks were named in honor of Oleksa Dovbush - a leader of the people's rebels.
Dovbush rocks assigned to the monuments of nature and they are located in the regional landscape park "Palyanitsky", they have national importance. These creations of nature were formed 70 million years ago, is the bottom of the sea, they consist mainly of yamnensky sandstone. Width of rock massif is 200 m, and at length it extends for 1 km. Rocks are located in the beautiful area of spruce and beech forest.
During its existence, the sandstone significantly pressed and even smoothed out, so in some places the rocks have acquired an uncommon form and now resemble the fantasy creatures.
Dovbush rocksThe main group of rocks is surrounded by the ancient town and lonely cliff-towers rise everywhere in the forest. The highest of them is rock "Tulip", reaching 40 meters in height, it's located in the western part of the forest, in the north flaunts solitary rock "Windmill", and in the south-west - the freakish form rock "Doll". Dovbush Rocks are equipped with stairways, wells, ditches, ramparts-battlements and benches, they are still not fully studied. After rising to the top of the cliff you can see a stunning the spirit panorama, which encompassing Parashka and Key rocks and also Carpathian mountain ranges.
Dovbush rocksAccording to archaeological research pagan observatory and sanctuary was undeveloped in the 10-17 centuries BC on Dovbush rocks . Much later, in the 2nd century BC, a small monastery appeared at the top of the rocks, a little later there was undeveloped a fortress, which has existed until the 16th century, it heroically endured an disastrous invasion of the Tatars.
Dovbush rocksMountain slopes near the Dovbush rocks been actively occupied in the postwar years. The rocks reliefs are not typical for this area, many scholars argue that they are similar to the city of Fontainebleau.
Currently Dovbush rocks is a favorite place of climbers, climbing routes of various difficulty are laid on the rocks. Competitions to conquer the rocky peaks are held each year. Even more often tourists go and see this area.
Nature surrounding rocks, is amazing in its beauty, this place is inhabited by various animals, birds nest in a small recesses, and moss is growing in the shaded lower parts of the rock. Coniferous trees - smereka and beech are growing in the forest, berries and mushrooms abound, due to high humidity mosses and lichens  feel themselves well there.
Dovbush rocksAmazes with its beauty rounded and soft relief of rocks, stone surface that overgrown with moss, in some places forms a kind of flowing folds of velvet, which descend to the bottom to the top. Numerous canyons and arches give the rocks some mysticism and majestic shadows looming with the sunsets, give the rocks formidable and powerful look.  In such moments it becomes clear why this place served as a sanctuary for our ancestors.
Rains are often falling in this area, tall and bushy trees of the forest preserve high humidity and pleasant cool during the summer. There are caves in some rocks, which tourists like to visit.

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