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Each time, starting to engage in a new sport we are faced with an entirely new world unfamiliar to us. This world attracts us with its freshness.  Climbing is no exception. This article is primarily aimed at novices. What needs to be done first of all when starting a new task? Of course, it is necessary to make instruction and carefully examine accident prevention.
Do not forget that the correctness of your actions directly effect on the preservation of your safety and the life of your partner. Responsible approach to the selection of equipment and always join carbines. Remember about the insurance and do not relax after a few trainings, considering yourself a pro. Do not be overconfident. Human beings are fallible. Even experts sometimes admit mistakes.

Learning the route

routes in mountainsPerhaps someone can find that this paragraph is intended only for experienced climbers, but I strongly advise you to learn this essence at the earliest stages of your training.
Before you start to really act, mentally complete your path, go over the eyes on the path, noting the important clues for yourself. Take note of those places where you can keep yourself with your hands and fix position of the legs.
It does not matter if at first you will not get to think your way correctly. Frequent experience will teach you. Skills will come after some time, and you will cope with this.

Proper insurance

insurance in climbingResponsibly approach to finding a partner. When the choice is already made, set a trusting relationship with him. Do not ask to insure you hardly, when you are using insurance from the top, train to give a little slack.
It is very important for beginners to develop their ability to trust the insurance and the partner actions. Remember, since the center of gravity may shift, and thus affect the climbing technique, do not pull the cord too much.

The importance of the foot staging

Most beginners like to be mistaken on the significance of the hands, giving them much more attention than the feet. Any climbing ace will tell you that the main secret of the sport - the emphasis on the feet. Every day you use the stairs. Now imagine a picture where instead of the ordinary stairs are used clues. Note, very uncomfortable steps. You do the steps by foot, and only control the balance by your hands.
At first, do not try to cover the distance quickly with long steps. Take a small steps, carefully move the feet one by one. In no case do not forget to watch where you put the feet, do not blindly trust your instinct!
And less take care of your hands - focus on your feet!

Place the legs correctly.

staging of foots climbing Beginners often try to set the entire foot to the clue, which is not allowed. Should focus only on the toes, on the big toe, and choose the perfect climbing shoes, which would have been a couple sizes smaller than your own.

Keep your hands straight

staging of hands climbingStraighten hands and slightly bent feet - is one of the most important rules of the rock climbing. In order to hands were straight, you should be little sit down.
Relax from time to time! Beginners with great fervor and enthusiasm, constantly do not allow themselves to relax for a minute, about what they strongly regret later. At the first stages of the route it is not necessary to wait until your hands will become like the cobblestones - start to drop them down in turn and shake them. Connect your imagination, your hands are now - the jelly, which should be good shaken. Such actions lead to the improvement of blood supply of the muscles. Lactic acid is derived.


Initially, take it a habit to keep the speed and correctly select the tempo.
Accelerate in the intractable parts of the route, especially this concerns to a small and poor clues, and slow down on the simple parts of the route, think about the hands-jelly and restore breathing. It will be a gross mistake to hold your breath during the ascent.

Warming up

Warm-up - is one of the most important things, which always should be remembered. You sould warm up thoroughly every time before lifting. Run during a short time and do some exercises for stretching of the all muscles of the body. To get a good warm up, you should repeat twice any movement of your workout. Then calm down you pulse and go through the easy nice route. Do not forget to smile and certainly praise yourself.


overall physical preparation of OPPKampusbord, or fingerbord and sistembord are intended for training of fingers. Beginners are not advised to use special equipment and its recommended to abandon of this idea for six months. If you are still unbearable, during the exercise focuses on the feet. OPP - is a different story. To avoid injuries, it should be good to prepare the body for exercises. Regular performance of push-ups, pull-ups, exercises for abs and feet, stretching of the muscles will only benefit.
It is also necessary to note the moral support and your own motivation. Do not say "fail", repeat to yourself only "I can" and "I will do" Set a new and new goals and reach new heights!

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    Henry - 27.11.2012, 11:50
    Good climber must have strong hands, iron will and be very concentrated.
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    akbar - 13.12.2012, 19:59