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Dental health, of course, depends on many factors. Involved here and genetics, andquality of consumed food and water, but the main – it is perhaps hygiene. Compliance with the rules known from childhood that the teeth should be cleaned twice a day and do not forget to rinse after their next meal will help keep them safe and healthy. Failure to follow these same rules will inevitably lead to the development of gingivitis and periodontitis. Pon the statistics, more than 80% of the population in adulthood suffer from periodontal diseases and gums.

Structure and periodontal problems

Parodont is a complex, which includes in its membership the teeth and the tissue around them that hold the tooth, perform protective and regenerativeth function to regulate the load during chewing. This is one of the basic concepts. The entire complex is in functional connection tight. Inflammation or any other loss of one of the component parts, immediately affects the state of the rest. The causes of periodontal disease may be different bacterial imbalances backgroundviolation of the microflora of saliva, bad teeth cleaning, or lack thereof, malocclusion, which resulted in the saliva is not completely washes periodontium, and therefore, it remains vulnerable to the impact of unfavorable environment. The main periodontal disease are:

  • gingivitis orinflammatory process affects the gums, followed by swelling and bleeding gums. Other tissues that make up the periodontal, while not affected;
  • periodontitis or inflammation of periodontal tissues. Usually this process is a consequence of not dolechennogo or running gingivitis. Schemema development of periodontitis following: microorganisms penetrate deep into the gums, bone loss occurs between the gum and the tooth is not tight-fitting forms an empty space, which is an ideal environment in which to comfortably will breed bacteria. Microorganisms, throughout his life, gradually decompose bone,which weakens the fixation of the tooth and its loss.

  Disease prevention

In order to prevent the development of disease and tooth loss, it is necessary, without delay, turn to the periodontist. To begin with, the doctor will total oral examination. Better if he would do it with the help ofintraoral camera that displays using video and photo state of the most remote places in the mouth. Then you should spend brushing your teeth from plaque and tartar. When periodontitis is also necessary to clean the gums and tooth roots. A necessary component of treatment is anti-inflammatory therapy. Additionally, the doctor recommendsare additional funds for oral care: toothpaste, toothbrush and a device for washing water jet oral cavity (irrigator). Treatment of periodontitis is conducted with an interval of 3 to 7 days, at least four sessions. In more severe forms of the disease to repeat courses in 3 or 6 months to completely eliminatebe focus of the inflammatory process.

In order to avoid problems with periodontitis, should observe some simple rules:

  1. Choose toothpaste and brush teeth must specialist. But he, knowing the state of the gums of the patient is able to determine which toothpaste is better in every indievidual case;
  2. The teeth should be cleaned not only common, but also correctly;
  3. Every six months must appear on a specialist periodontist in order to remove the teeth formed plaque and tartar. Depending on the condition of periodontal possible individual schedule seededtion dentist.

Dental health can not stand to save time nor money!

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