How to spend the dry cleaners carpet


Carpets needed in any home. They give comfort and warmth todisplaced. But because of the constant use of these coatings are not contaminated and take a fresh look. On average, these rugs require cleaning up to two times a year, and some of the more frequently and (those that are located in the kitchen, hallway, living room). To date, special attention and care requires such a popular carpet, as carpet. Professional carpet cleaning - one of the most difficult cleaning services usually requires an individual approach to each individual carpet. If you need rich in companies providing this service. This procedure takes place in the following sequence:

  1. Deleted clogging dust, dirt;
  2. to carry out spot cleaning particularly contaminated sites;
  3. Produced methodical elimination utoptannosti over the entire area of ??carpeting;
  4. Wet dry cleaning using a disk machine (the entire surface of the carpet applied chemistry atafter which, along with the dirt he sucked out with a vacuum cleaner lint extractor);
  5. The last stage – drying. It takes about 8-12 hours depending on the pile carpet.

There are several ways to clean the carpet, frequently used in everyday life:

  • dry method (applied dry foam that absorbs dust and dirt with a vacuum cleaner);
  • wet method (with the use of specialized cleaning products that effectively remove dust and dirt complex);
  • intensive method (gets rid of much Soak up).

carpet cleaning requires good skills and knowledge, the availability of professional equipment. Self-cleaning carpeting may cause damage, since it is completely dry, and it will only lead to duplication MNogih bacteria. Regular   and timely cleaning of carpet in professional terms, it prolongs life in 2-3 times. Using the services of dry cleaning - it saves your time and enjoy the type of carpet.

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