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People in the modern world have become much closer to each other in the first place, thanks to the development of telecommunication thosehnology, which are based on telephone (in modern conditions - mobile). For communication between subscribers of any telephone operators operating in the market is obliged to organize a network of transmitting and distributing communication signal (towers). Of course the subscriber, ie, we are with you, who want to implement communication betweenin itself, requires a special portable handheld receiver through which the broadcast signals on the tower and then to the other user device. Such equipment is called mobile phones, and one of the most prominent of their manufacturers, is a Finnish company NOKIA. It is the largest and oldest promanufac- turer of mobile phones, which differ in the same quality and reliability. By the way, you can shop online: comfy.ua. The world does not stand still and replaced superreliable NOKIA 1100 come-art smartphones with a touch screen. The most popular models in our time can be attributed smartphones that combine in tWhen the group by name:

  • Nokia Asha - line of smartphones, first published in 2011. This category includes devices that are budget range market;
  • Nokia Lumia - a group of smart phones, the common name, also presented in 2011. Onzitsioniruetsya as more advanced smart phone (camera phone), characterized by a more three-dimensional screen using as a Windows Phone OS from Microsoft;
  • Nokia X - line of smartphones based on operating system Android, which features a wide range of multimedia features.

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