Classification of CNC machine tools for metal cutting


What unites products such as gates, manhole, ribbedToe wheel? They are all made of metal, but in different ways: for example, the gear can be forged or fabricated on the stamp, hatches collectors tend to cast. This manufacturing methods require prior preparation and production of special equipment, is not cheap. In this respect, the production of the gate is seen most lucrativeekatelnym in financial terms, for several reasons:

  • First, the curtain is made of rolled sheet to form the final dimensions of which do not require additional training;
  • Second, the gate can be decorated with a variety of complementary shapetive elements and, again, their production to require additional molds and technology.

All of this is being implemented on machine tools with CNC (computer numerical control). can not only get the details of various shapes, but also to form their complproject on the sheet metal of different thickness, which automatically gives the opportunity to put their production on stream, significantly reducing their cost. Depending on the method used for metal cutting, CNC machines are classified as follows:

  • machines for gas cutting (analogue of the usual gazokisloNative cutting performed by software. It allows processing of the sheet thickness of 10 cm with a precision of 0.2 mm to 0.5 mm);
  • machines for plasma cutting (this type of treatment can be successfully applied to steel, aluminum, copper, iron);
  • laser cutting (achieves exceptional quality on the cut surface and reduce the amount of metal);
  • waterjet (most progressive method is used to form the cutting line jet of water under pressure in 6000 atm).

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