The structure of the healthcare industry in Israel

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In this world, everything is relative, and even a small country like Israel can have eargreasy potential, especially in the health sector. Anyone who does not believe in it or does not have the opportunity to see firsthand all, can afford logically imagine comparing the facts. For example, one of the largest and most developed countries the United States, where the medicine has traditionally been considered a strong point, it spends about 7% of GDP, while in her tinystandards of Israel - more than 8%. By the ratio to the population, it is really a colossal figure, which allows you to create the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic conditions. In addition, such a smart terms of its own base and forming high-quality polished most medical personnel in the world. It is thanks toThis combination of human and technical resources, Israel is a world leader not only of traditional and spiritual tourism, but also, most likely, "spiritual center" of medical tourism. Not for nothing is the reference: so many foreigners who come specifically to solve their health problems and undergo rehabilitation, has not been adoptedMast is probably no country, and in relation to the size and population, so exactly. If we talk about the structure of the healthcare industry in Israel, it is based on three main types of complexes or hospitals. In the structure of health care can clearly be seen:

  1. The public sector ,representing more than 20 institutions are under the control of the Ministry of Health. This includes how to be general hospitals and mental health centers, as well as centers of care for chronically ill patients. The most famous medical centers in Israel are public medical centers them. Sourasky they. Chaim Sheba;
  2. Cash sector or, so-called, sector health insurance , represented by four sickness funds (Clalit, Maccabi, Meuhedet and Leumit). In fact, this association of hospitals having one insured bank:
    • Clalit (medical centers them. Mosche Magpies, Yitzhak Rabin, Maier and others). The largest box office,   because her medical insurance covers half the population;
    • Maccabi - the second largest office, serving a quarter of the population;
    • Meuhedet - Cashserving up to 13% of the healthcare market and is the creation of the Rothschild family;
    • Leumit - at a fraction of the cash accounts for about 9% of patients.
  3. Private sector , which is represented mainly by medical institutions Hadassah. HThe best-known medical centers are: Herzliya Medical Center, Hadassah and Assuta.

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